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  • Going Green! Sinosteel provides advanced, durable, stable and efficient system solutions for enterprises

Going Green! Sinosteel provides advanced, durable, stable and efficient system solutions for enterprises

Sinosteel Equipment Corporation (“Sinosteel Equipment”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinosteel International, is the only engineering company in China with the capability of EPC general contracting for large-scale iron and steel complexes. In the engineering field of sintering, Sinosteel provides customers with advanced, durable, stable, efficient, green and clean systematic solutions – from advanced and efficient process technologies, to stable and durable sintering machines and ring coolers, to intelligent sintering plants – based on in-depth insights into the industry’s needs and trends. This is not only the company’s capability as a leading industrial engineering technology and service company, but also reflects the company’s initiative to promote new industrialization.

  Recently, Sinosteel made breakthroughs in two sintering projects constructed by Sinosteel’s EPC general contractors – Fujian Sangang Minguang’s new 360 square meters sintering and 200 square meters sintering upgrading project was put into operation; Yunnan Yuxi Yukun Iron & Steel’s 2×400 square meters sintering project’s No. 1 production line was put into operation, and No. 2 production line had the conditions for putting into operation.

  Both projects have adopted mature, advanced, economic and practical processes and equipment, and the level of technology and equipment has reached the domestic advanced level, which can stably produce high-quality sintered ore while improving the overall technical level of the sintering machine. Taking Yunnan Yuxi Yukun Iron & Steel Sintering 1# Production Line as an example, Sinosteel equipment ensures that the leakage rate of the sinter is no more than 20% and the leakage rate of the ring cooler is no more than 3% through the continuous improvement of the design of the sinter and ring cooler equipment.

Sinosteel insists on being driven by technological innovation, strengthens key core technology research, increases technological innovation and equipment upgrading, and accelerates green and low-carbon transformation.

  In the next step, Sinosteel International will continue to focus on greening, digitization and internationalization to realize the transformation and upgrading of engineering design, technology, equipment and the whole chain of production to green and low-carbon, so as to contribute to the creation of a development pattern of the iron and steel industry that gives priority to quality and efficiency, independent innovation, and green and low-carbon! Show greater commitment on the road of new industrialization!

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